Different men have various interests in life. However, most of the real men out there focus themselves in succeeding in life and making the most out of their time or existence here on earth. As time passes by, there are a lot of things then men have on their to-do lists as they reach the prime of their lives. Once they are established, they either are successful career men or business men.

I am Scot and I created this blog to encourage men to be at their best and start honing their skills not only with the huge tasks that they are responsible for at work but also in small projects which they can start on their own. Here’s a little more information about why I wanted to create this site.

I am a business man who operates a motel and is planning to retire shortly. With the type of business I have, I definitely find hospitality as one of the best way to earn a living in a good way in the prime of my life. Since I am now deciding to go into retirement, I now have plenty of time to share what I know and what interests me to those millions of men around the world. My aim is to encourage men like myself to discover what they can do best on their own to make their lives meaningful every single day.

I would like to inspire other men and encourage them to find what their purpose in life is. Retiring means no more office meetings to look forward to, which may also means that there would be less stress. However, retirement may also mean that you may have to worry about your health and may have to struggle to live a healthier life in a slower pace. Probably, when you are at this stage, you would want to know more about what you can do and what you should not do. I can definitely give you a lot of insights regarding these things.

I would absolutely enjoy talking about many things as I would like to inspire men like me to continue life even after retirement. I took up a course in computer to start up a blog where I can share my own experiences and get to share interesting things about my life and what I have been doing lately. Hopefully I can get to reach out to an audience whom I can inspire so they can start living their lives to the fullest.