How To Choose The Best Paintball Gun?

Understanding the selection of the best paintball guns is highly important if you are interested in taking this sport as your main hobby. The selection of the best paintball guns can be a difficult task. When it comes to starting your search, there are certain things that you should consider. Just similar to that of any other purchases, you should consider points like design, accuracy, value for money, etc.

this is the list of the best paintball guns

Points to consider when shopping for the best paintball gun:

Value for money:

One of the important considerations to make when shopping for a paintball gun is the cost. Even though the cost differs considerably, it is highly important that the unit should bring value for the money that you invest on it. For instance, the cost can be somewhere between $80 and $900. Without any doubt, the cost is actually a reflection of features that come along with the gun and also its brand. You are recommended to consider your budget first and decide on the maximum amount that you are ready to spend. Decide whether you will be playing occasionally or frequently and accordingly decide your budget.


Paintball gun reviews will help you in understanding about the accuracy of a unit. Accuracy is something that is highly important if you are planning to take up paintball gun as a serious sport.


As you might be aware, paintball guns come in different styles and designs to choose. Think whether your style will need an electronic trigger and a loader for increasing the rate of fire. Otherwise, decide whether you will be spending most of your time waiting for that perfect shot. There are different designs of paintball guns that are designed to meet the specific position/style of different people. But, they will be higher in cost. So, if you are highly particular about a design or a style, you should be ready to pay a higher price.

With some points to consider when shopping for the best paintball guns, now it is time to know some best models available in the market:

Tippmann Cronus:

If your budget is low, you can opt for Tippmann Cronus. This does not mean that they are not good paintball guns. Tippmann claims that their guns are rightly designed in such a way that they can bear with tough outdoor conditions. Cronus is a dependable model and so it can be the best choice for beginners and also players with middle-level experience in paintball sports. Also, Cronus is known for a really good shooting accuracy.

Tippmann X7 Phenom:

This model from Tippmann again, the trigger is made out of all metal to ensure improved stability to users. Also, the extremely smooth trigger and the light pull will make the sport even more enjoyable. As compared to most other Tippman models, this X7 Phenom shoots better.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical:

When it comes to paintball guns with durability and performance, Tippmann Cronus Tactical is the model to consider. The design is highly appealing and with excellent features, the cost looks like affordable. Many paintball enthusiasts choose this model due to its high impact feature.

DYE Proto Rail:

This is a solid model both for entry and middle-level paintball players. Besides being affordable, it is not excessively scrimp on quality and technology. This is stated to be a solid model by different means.


You can arrive at the best paintball gun by considering some useful features and reviews will help you in arriving at the best decision.

Please check also the full list of the best paintball gun out there, what we use as a source to make this list.

The high performing T9.1 Paintball gun is the ideal riffle every member of a fire team needs.

It is also the ideal machine that awakens the sniper in you. This 8.1 arms pistol is light and portable.

It has a 1×30 red dot technical flashlight that mounts to the top rail giving the user a wide excellent view. This view enables the user to spot and focus on the villain from a distance.

The gun can shoot at a speed of280fps, with high definition. This USA made riffle is composed of high quality metals such as aluminium that makes the upper receiver and iron dovetail sights. There are amazing features that makes it outstanding. Get to know them as we consistently unfold.



  • 4×32 dual illuminated scope with range estimator that aids in estimating the distance between you and the target.
  • Tri-rail riser that enables you to raise the rifle while aiming at higher ground or plane.
  • Multi-Position stock that enhances flexibility when in use.
  • Technical flashlight you can use to illuminate at the target.
  • Adjustable laser.
  • 8.1 Arms pistol.
  • 10.5” total length.
  • 7.0” Barrel length.
  • 6.75” in height.
  • A lightweight of 2.15 lbs.
  • Strong dovetailed side sights made of iron.
  • Under-mount tactical rail that enables standard mounting.
  • A strong piece of upper receiver made of aluminium.
  • A low profile tool-less CO2 internal quick puncture within the stock.
  • An optional remote air adapter that directly connects to the marker.
  • Durable dual rubber detents that aids in stability when handling the gun.
  • High-precise accuracy.
  • Excellent speed and can capture the target at an exceptional range of up to (280 fps).
  • 12 grams of CO2 which powers 3 full magazines worth of balls.(The CO2 seals automatically upon release by the mag)
  • Can perform like a gun in action as it has a mag that feeds the handle.
  • Velocity that is totally adjustable: Based on the speed at which the target is moving, the user of the rifle can adjust the speed at which the bullet is fired.
  • Large compact size and ammunition capacity suitable for high performance.


  • 4×32 dual scope distance estimator that is also illuminated for the purposes of clarity of view.
  • A Tri rail riser an aluminium light alloy that allows mounting of other features such as flashlights and lasers.
  • It does not prevent attachment of other accessories and elevation while having the Paintball on.
  • Technical flashlight that enables you illuminates the target.
  • A flexible multi position stock that enhances ease in switching of positions.
  • Adjustable laser that enhances precision.
  • A low profile bipod that provide stability along the axes while the riffle is in use. It also enables attachment of another weapon and photographical devices for high precision.

Indeed, the T9 paintball gun is one of a kind, with outstanding specifications suiting modern warfare and other rifle uses.

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